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Military, tech jobs help Huntsville, Ala.

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Huntsville #1 Again!

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Huntsville Chosen #1 City in the Nation for 2009!

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Financing Your First Home

First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

Opportunity Knocks for Home Buyers

Why Here?

With the high-income levels in the area, parents have a choice of education programs—and they overwhelmingly choose public schools. More than 90 percent of students attend public schools. For those who prefer private or parochial schools, the area provides these options. Tuition for private and parochial schools is generally reasonable and open to all students. Some of the private and parochial schools provide scholarships to outstanding or less affluent students. All of our schools provide students with a well-rounded education, offering extracurricular programs that enhance the students’ learning opportunities.

There are a variety of services available for students with special needs/ Special education in the schools services students from preschool to age twenty-one. For children with identified disabilities, a full range of educational support is available based on an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

The colleges and universities in the Northern Alabama/Southern Tennessee region offer many degree programs from bachelor to Ph.D. In addition, there are accredited MBA and Executive MBA programs available. There are also a wide variety of Workforce Training & Education programs available in our area as well.




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